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November 19, 2005

Big 12 refs steal one from OU

Tech_td I have just watched the ending of the worst-officiated game in college football history. I'd show you the replay, but apparently in the Big 12, replays are presented for the TV viewing audience's amusement only.

I'm referring to the final seconds -- the final quarter, actually -- of Texas Tech's alleged 23-21 victory over Oklahoma in Lubbock.

The so-called winning touchdown came when Tech's Taurean Henderson stretched the ball over the goal line, well after his body had already been tackled to the ground.

This followed an even more ludicrous incomplete pass that the officials nearly ruled a touchdown (it was reversed, thankfully). And that was preceded by a fourth-down spot that gave the Red Raiders at least two feet and a game-saving first down.

All three plays were reviewed. Only the end zone pass was properly reversed. (The receiver never actually caught the ball).

You'll seldom see me mention an official's call in one of my columns. I'll leave the referee-complaining to the head coaches.

But the ending of the OU-Tech game was so blatantly mishandled, it totally altered the outcome.

Tech's second-to-last touchdown, come to think of it, shouldn't have been allowed, because the receiver left the field of play and came back in to make the catch. Again, the replay showed it, but it wasn't corrected.

On the fourth-down catch, Cody Hodges' pass was deflected, and Danny Amendola made a terrific play to wrest the ball from an OU defender's hands. But he was at least two feet shy of the first down mark when he came down with the ball.

The officiating crew seemed to be more interested in determining who had possession than it did in correctly marking the spot. The bogus first down kept alive Tech's winning drive.

The Henderson "touchdown" was a gutsy call by Tech coach Mike Leach, because he knew that a running play would run out the clock. But calling a run didn't fool the Oklahoma defense. Henderson was wrapped up, twisted, and his body clearly appeared to hit the turf one yard short of the goal line. The end zone TV camera probably showed it best.

Again, however, no official aggressively came running in to mark the forward progress. Even the official that was nearest the play didn't call a touchdown. After a few seconds, an official -- the line judge, I think -- came in and threw his touchdown signal into the air.

If the Big 12 is going to have instant replay and ignore it, why bother even reviewing a call? The officiating crew in Lubbock needs to be tagged, dipped for fleas and banned by the conference from ever doing a Big 12 game again.

Were they intimidated by the home crowd? Mad at Bob Stoops? Too leg-weary by the fourth quarter to call the game correctly? We'll probably never know.

What I do know is that Oklahoma should be headed to the Cotton Bowl, not Texas Tech. The disputed "victory" puts another asterisk on Tech's patsy-inflated 9-2 record.    


Let me first say that yes i am sooner fan. but all that aside i think that yes there many many bad calls made against both teams, but the majoriy being for tech.It has even quoted that one of the officials told another that if a few of those calls had not been made then a riot would have broken out. whether that was said i do not know. and the picture that is on the DT is in my oppionion was doctored and you can tell because the only time that taurean's hands and face are at that angle is b4 he scored. however i dont think there is enough evidence for me 2 say that he didnt score and that amendola didnt get the first down. it shouldnt have come down 2 those calls anyway because one of the teams should have ended it by then. if you put in the hands of the officials one side is always going to end up hurt. another thing is that it is sad that im only a teenager have to read all the complaining adults from both sides. sure i think ou should have won, but guess what, we didnt. both team played with tremendous heart and people like yall are ruining that. but the only sour grapes ive heard are from the true losing team, texa$$ tech. i live in texas and can honestly say that i am appalled that my own people can b such a$$es. ive been to lubbock and think its a nice town but to think that anyone would actually build a college in that dust pit shocks me. and do you really think that the Star is anti- tech? well youre probly right but so is every body else. so why dont yall all go back to the desert you came from and annoy your own race in that ghost town with its sorry green turf.

if you want to talk about the present talk about your div II non conference and how your a$$es are going to get handed to you in the cotton bowl by the sec while we win our bowl........... SAND AGGIES


Most of the whining started from Tech fans who unfairly accused Gil LeBreton of being anti-Tech because he dared to suggest the official's screwed the Sooners.

Now I'm willing to concede that the TD was inconclusive and as such, the video replay has to defer to the onfield judgement.

But that should have been a moot point after the refs CLEARLY gave Amendola a very generous spot on fourth down when he and Darien Williams came down with the ball.

BTW, since that's considered a simulataneous catch, possession does revert back to the offense. But the ball should have been marked at the spot where he went down since he never had sole possession of the ball during the entire play.

I find it interesting how nary a Tech fan has even mentioned this play.

You sooners are so pathetic. You brag and rag on us about not being national champs and say we're classless jackasses, yet you're the ones whining like little girls who had their barbie taken away. Not only do I think this makes you classless poor sports, my following argument will prove what us Texans always knew: people from the state of Oklahoma are stupid.

Before Henderson's butt hits the ground his arms are fully outstretched. It's hard to tell from the camera angle whether the ball is over the goal line. But, this inquiry is quelled when Henderson sets the ball down a full football's length over the goal line. He doesn't stretch out any further to do this. Here's a science experiment (do y'all practice science in OK? well anyway...) 1) lay down on your side with a ball in your hand; 2) fully extend your arms in front of you, keeping the ball about 6 inches off the groung; 3)now without moving from your side, attempt to set the football down a full football's length further than when you had it in the air. This is what Henderson would've had to do for this not to be a touchdown. If someone can send me proof that this is even possible, I, a Tech fan, will entertain the idea that Henderson did not get any part of the ball over the white line.

The only possible counter argument to this is that his arms aren't fully extended when his butt hits...maybe they're only 90% extended (which is not true, but just for the sake of argument). Even so, all that has to happen for it to be a touchdown is the tip of the ball has to cross the white line. When Henderson finally sets the ball to the turf, thus revealing that the ball was fully in the black part of the endzone, it's hard for me - a somewhat intelligent Texan whose parents aren't blood related - to figure out how he could've moved the ball that far into the enzone without some small portion of it crossing the WHITE LINE before his butt hit the ground. So what the sooners argue is that before his butt hit the ground no part of the ball crossed the white line, but immediately after his butt hit the ground the entire ball is past the white line and totally in the black part of the endzone.

In conclusion, us Techsans might be classless jackasses, but at least we're not classless jackass morons like the sooners. And you can brag all you want about past championships, but where are you going this year? Exactly, NOT the Cotton Bowl, suckers!

Ok...Ok...it's over. The game was close and NEITHER team was superior as judged by the stats and the final score. We congratulate Texas Tech on their victory Saturday and we are already looking forward to next year's game in Norman. Yep...

Look, it is one thing to win the game. Another to have to justify it. But, and this is a strong but, you have to have a fair game called. The fact is that there are too many missed calls in the last 27 seconds of that game. We all have had calls not go our way, and that does really tick any OU or Tech fan. I am a Sooner if you are wondering.

I don't mind losing games, in fact this year is not it has been cracked up to be for the Sooner Nation. We take our blows like anyone else. The head coach worked for the Sooners for Pete's sake. You ask most Sooners and they don't hate the Raiders, it's the Longhorns that hold most contempt, but even that is in fun.

We just want a fair called game. One bad call, forgiveable. More than that when a game is so close and you could call that blatant disregard of fairness by the officials. Should they be penalized? Everyone else has to pay for their sins in the real world. Officials should not be above any rules. They ARE human. They WILL make mistakes. But when you have a reviewed play that clearly shows an error on their part, then they need to own up to their own mistakes like anybody else.

Even Mike Leach said he wasn't so sure about the instant replay doing any better. But when you have a system involved to help make up for the mistakes, and you don't even use it, then that is very unprofessional.

http://img452.imageshack.us/img452/9696/ch9shot2ql.jpg (screenshot taken from Lubbock news video)

http://media.putfile.com/KFOR (video from an OKC station, consistent with Lubbock video)

http://media.dailytoreador.com/vimages/shared/vnews/stories/438124a5e7081-48-1.jpg (photoshopped image that has been pinned on every Tech board, also shown in the school paper)

Its a sad day when someone takes the time do a sloppy photoshop and then circulates it to the world as evidence.

Tech fans swear that Henderson levitated in the air or laid on top of an OL until the ball touched the goalline.

It simply did not happen, so I hope you can persuade your Raider friends that this collective delusion you are under is false and pathetic.

Here's the simultaneous catch rule:

FR-74, Rule 4-1, Section 1-L
The ball becomes dead "When a simultaneous catch or recovery of a live ball occurs."

Rule 7-3, Article 6

"If a forward pass is caught simultaneously by opposing players inbounds, the ball becomes dead and belongs to the passing team. (Rule 2-2-7) (A.R. 2-2-7-III and A.R. 7-3-6-I-IX)."

I got all of the rules for the quotations from


The first one, about the ball being dead as soon as simultaneous possession occurs, is found on page 75 (very bottom, part L)

The second one, where a tie-ball goes to the offense, is on page 97.

Dear Robb. He reached out AFTER he was down. The ref came up to see where the ball was. Are you blind?

Have a nice win. Your almost as bad as Texas fan!

I have never seen so much whining about a game in my life. It has been said that A&M fans are notoroiusly the biggest whiners in the Big 12. I think the Sooner fans just replaced them. What seems to be lost in all this is the 100 plus total plays by both teams that led up to the conclusion. If the game was lost by Tech I certainly wouldn't be griping about the 2 close calls at the end although it seems further proof has come down in still pictures today that Henderson was indeed over for the touchdown before he hit the ground. I would be complaining more about the 2 interceptions Hodges threw in the end zone and the 2 assinine personal foul penalties Tech had on OU's first touchdown drive. Then you have to throw the other assinine personal foul penalty on another OU touchdown drive.
It has been said many times in close games that both teams deserved to win. In this case the way these teams played Saturday both teams would have deserved to lose. The bottom line is that both teams had dozens of other plays offensively and defensively that determined the outcome of the game as much as the 2 controversial plays at the end. For anyone to think that the outcome of the game was dertermined by those 2 plays alone are completely assinine. Being a Tech fan I will give kudos to Bomar. He has certainly gotten better since the OU thrashing by UT. He stands to be a great one before he is through. Stoops seems to have done the right thing sticking with him through thick and thin.



In response to your whiny blog, here's all the proof
you need that the final play was indeed a touchdown.
Henderson is NOT down, can you see the space between
him and the ground? Stretched to make the TD, case
closed. SCOREBOARD Tech 23, OU 21


Now get over your crybaby attitude, be a man, do
what's right and issue an apology at once to the whole
Texas Tech community. You and the Star-Telegram now
need to find another axe to grind. This whole ordeal
with the Texas Tech football program sure has made
your paper look more like a trashy tabloid than the
newspaper that Amon Carter intended for it to be. I
dare say if Amon was still around, you and a few
others would be out of a job for spewing the crap you
have this football season. Grow up Star Telegram, Grow
Up! What an embarrassment you and the Star-Telegram are to Fort Worth!

One more thing. Your receiver was not forced out of bounds....unless of course he pushed off the back of our dback.

Does anyone remember the LATE hit on QB?
Left foot in bounds....right foot in the air? What about the false start that was called offsides on OU? What a way to win.

OK you won, fine, fair and square. I mean all things created equal right?

By the way if you see an orange coming you might want to get the heck out of the way.

See you in Norman next year.


I read all of these and Tech was called everything from being drunks to beneath there cleats where we belong. Were classless as was in the aggie program and on and on. Just shows how big these other schools think and how a school out in West Texas Whom is always out recruited by Texas,A&M and the sooners. Can sure get under there skin and did ya see that Tech is leading with 10 consecutive winning seasons. What does that tell ya......

retarded? ouch

You know I really hate that people truly hate Texas Tech, I mean they call our fans rude, and jackasses... I think its time we talk bad about OU. It was Four Years ago I was at the TECH/OU game, Sitting in the stand when some foul OU fans started throwing whole oranges into the stands hitting our Band members in the face, While we were playing the alma Mater... Anywhere you go there are rude fans, its called drinking, and if the shoe was on the other foot. it would be "hey a win is a win".... So stop hating on Tech and get with the program, Tech is a winning team and OU is not. Who cares about history, This is 2005 and the Red Raiders are in the top 20 and OU is not.

I know all the Tech fans are hung up on the supposed solid proof of evidence that Henderson got in.

But please explain this one:


Notice how far behind the yellow line both players are when the ball is caught.

One more thing.

You guys are whining about Sooner holding. Watch the whole game. Look at the replays, that are in slow motion. How many times was Dusty Dvoracek making a play only to be HELD FROM BEHIND? You really are sad. Call it both ways if you want to bring that up.

Are you guys kidding yourselves? On the tipped ball the spot occurs where "control of the ball" is made.

Are you trying to say that Tech had control in the air? That's absolutely insane. Both players had the ball in a tie. Just like the Tech fans above are saying. The Tech fans just don't know much about football and don't know that in that case the spot would be where the ball was when they landed.

I feel sorry for all these Tech fans that are trying to justify their win. That to me shows they know they got beat.

Thank you, Gil. The final drive of this game was one for the ages. Its too bad that such an exciting game was marred by the worst homer officiating job of all time (the '72 Olympic bball final is close). What's even more unbelievable is how the upstairs replay official blew it so badly.

To the retarded Tech fans that are so blind to the injustice, I feel sorry for you. Your desperation to win at any cost is pathetic. Even sadder are the public comments by Mike Leach, who claims to have only seen the plays once on replay and saw nothing wrong with the outcome.


I just read your comments about the Tech-OU game. I prefer the objectivity in the article written by George Schroeder that appeared in The Oklahoman this morning. It is titled "Replays aside, Tech delivered the big plays at the end." The main focus of the article was not on the replays in the end but how OU allowed to it to get that way in the first place. He wrote of the passes OU receivers dropped, the holding penalty on what would have been a Tech turnover, the 50 yards in penalties OU gave Tech on Tech's 80 yard touchdown
drive. Not to mention the botched kick-off that started the last Tech drive. Then add the running by Hodges and the pass completions by Hodges on the last drive.

From a personal stand point the holding penalties that weren't called on OU were as blatant as I have ever seen. It looked like the OU center was holding on every other pass play. The most obvious one was on the pass play for OU's 2nd touchdown. The replay from behind showed Bomar running right and the referee was running right with him and looking down field. What the ref wasn't looking at which he should have been was what was going on in the line just to his left.

People can complain about the officiating but it a appeared that the officiating was giving OU every opportunity to win. They along with Tech giving them 2 interceptions in the end zone. I think most Tech fans believe the game shouldn't have been as close as it was in the end to begin with.


My-my-my....The little red raiders are all up in arms.
A banged up bunch of freshmen Sooners swagger into you crummy little town and get robbed. Does it feel good that your team won
that way? I hope so. We will see you in Sooner country next year. I promise it won't take long for you raider fans to assume your righfull place underneath our cleats. I would say have some class but that may prove to difficult to understand.
You have no idea what a winner feels like....and you never will


Your blog is sickening. You obviously are (1) Trying to stir up the masses, (2)mad because you lost money straight up on UO, or(3) continuing the ongoing distain for Tech in your little fishwrap. The only point I agree with you on was the spot on the 4th down tipped catch. The endzone catch was properly reversed. Henderson scored. Deal with it. One thing that's amazing is that Fox has tons of cameras at games and they can't get a good shot of questionable calls. I have no ties to either school, but if I were a Tech grad, I would cancel my subscription.

best pic of TD:


Shows position of ball before TH's rear hit the ground.

Here's what your own colleague said in today Startlegram about the last play. . .guess he's a little more objective than you:

"Fox television replays, which were fed to Saturday's highlight shows, offered inconclusive shots from behind the end zone and the Tech sideline. But videos taken from the Oklahoma sideline by local affiliates (not available on the Fox telecast) showed Henderson falling on the outstretched leg of tackle Glenn January, keeping the play alive as he stretched for the goal line. The ball landed in the Sooners' end zone.

Which hit first, the knee or the ball? Hard to say, but I think he scored."

Funny that no one much worried last year when Mr Freeman Johns of Flower Mound, TEXAS made a bogus offensive pass interference call to save the Longhorns bacon in Lawrence and thus have a B12 school in the rose bowl. B12 officiating is horrible, this is nothing new.

It is nice to see that someone acknowledges how ridiculous that game was. I am sorry but I don't see how any Tech fan can be proud of that win. The refs should have suited up for them because they definitely were the Tech MVPs. The fact that the officials can affect the game this dramatically is absurd.

Gil and other whiners: First, a receiver in college can re-enter the field of play as an eligible receiver if he was forced out of bounds by a defender. Read the rules before you complain about a play.

Second, it seems odd that Gil and the rest of you somehow had a better view of Henderson's touchdown than (1) the entire officiating crew on the field, (2) the replay crew upstairs, or (3) even the broadcast crew, who said without hesitation that Henderson put the ball across before he touched the ground.

Third, the Amendola call could have gone either way, and I'll be the first to admit it. But the reality is, there are 3 to 4 close calls every game. . .live with it.

Finally, Gil, I think you need to see some counseling to finally get over that 70 point humiliation Tech handed your Toads last year. Your pathetic little diatribe is nothing but sour grapes.

Here's the best camera angle I've seen of the touchdown. Click on the "Tech vs. OU Highlights" video on the right. The touchdown occurs about halfway through the video. Say what you will, but it's definately not conclusive.


Posted by Russ B.

"Uh, it's not a reception until you touch the playing field. Walter you Dope!"

Wow Russ, you are right. So by your crazy sooner "logic," if a receiver catches a ball in the end zone and is pushed out of the end zone, back into the field of play before his feet hit the ground, then it's not a touchdown, right? Instead of whining after the fact, OU should employ this new-found defensive strategy - whenever a receiver jumps up to catch a pass, just catch him in mid-air and run him backwards, because you don't get forward progress where you catch the ball, it's where your feet come down. Hey! Y'all will have a chance to try it out at the Alamo bowl! With logic like that, it's a wonder y'all didn't go undefeated!

For all of you yankees north of the Red River, let me break it down for you: although the catch wasn't technically completed until Amendola's feet hit the ground, once they did (thus making the pass "complete") the ball is spotted at the most forward point of possession (i.e., very near the first down marker - check out the link posted earlier). You'll notice in the picture that both Amendola and the irrelevant OU defensive player have their hands on the ball, but just to quash any future ignorant sooner arguments about this fact - a tie goes to the offensive player.

And as far as the Henderson touchdown, even Sooner players who were standing right next to the play said they couldn't tell if it was a TD or not. And if we are all still sitting here arguing about whether he crossed the goal line, after seeing multiple replays, then by definition, it's not conclusive. (newsflash - to overturn a call on the field, the replay has to be conclusive).

You sooners and sooner lovers need to cross back over the Red River just like Henderson crossed over the goal line. Touchdown, end of story, go home and cry - the sooner the better.

You obviously have heard from a lot of Tech fans who are complaining about the penalties that were NOT called on OU. Aren't they making your point for you? It was the worst officiating I have ever seen at that level. Some of the calls were very close, but a number of the bad calls were not close at all (the juggled pass in the end zone, an offside call on OU when the Tech lineman obviously flinched. The Big 12 needs to get rid of a crew that is that incompetent.

You can't even carry Jimmy Burch's jock strap.
You never wrote anything close to that when UT got the call against Kansas last year.
You are a joke- I hope your bosses give you a raise for another good Tech story by the Star Telegram.

waaaaa, waaaaa! I will never subscribe to your anti-Tech paper.


What happened to your journalistic integrity, Gil? Do you even bother to check ANY facts before you post these whining rants? I honestly can't believe that you have an editor that lets you post this bile.

1)The 2nd to last touchdown was CLEARLY called correctly, as the defensive player pushed Bristol out of bounds. Learn the rules.

2)The "questionable spot" that you refer to was also called correctly. Go look at some still photos (that were provided to you by a previous poster) and check it out. Wrong again.

3)On the final touchdown, the replay officials reviewed all the angles available to make the call. So my question is this, Gil: do you have some secret footage that CONCLUSIVELY shows that TH didn't get in for the touchdown? If so, you should come forward so the officials can take a look at it. Maybe the will make the "correct" call next time. Were you even there, Gil? Or did it just look that way from your couch?

Pathetic. You should be ashamed of yourself. You've further degraded the reputation of yourself and your newspaper.

That was possibly the most crybaby thing that I have ever read. Plays go the wrong way sometimes just deal with it. Regarding the TE's touchdown, he was FORCED out of bounds, which means that there isn't an illegal touching penalty. And on the reply, obviously they saw something to confirm the touchdown. If you want to complain, watch #22 Onygonnagecha maul Tech's receviers all day long without a flag being thrown or OU's offensive linemen holding like nothing I have ever seen. Get off of your soapbox and shut up. Ur just pissed because Mike kicked your paper out of his practices and wont let them back.

Since the Line judge on the field is VP of City Bank of Texas and the Windmark Insurance agency IN LUBBOCK and that apparantly is ok, i concede this years defeat provided next year we can hire a crew out of Oklahoma City,have the Referee wear a Sooner Schooner on his head for his hat while the rest of the crew wears Old time jerseys of Sooner greats..That might make it easier to see why a referee who works and lives in the City of a game he is calling represents a clear conflict of interest..

This article is spot on. Worst screwover I've seen since the 1984 Oklahoma-Texas game, and this one is actually worse.

Fox's stripe was NOT longer than the actual first down marker, and there was no forward progress to consider since possession was only established in Tech's favor after the two players fell to the ground. It could have just as easily been called an interception.

And maybe Henderson's knee wasn't on the ground, but his rear end sure was, and he was clearly short of the goalline.

The overturned TD call shows that the intent was there to alter the outcome of the game. I mean, how can you call a TD on a pass that wasn't even completed!?!? It wasn't even close!

The only people who won't acknowledge the Larceny In Lubbock are Tech fans in their usual drunken splendor. Even Texas fans are telling Oklahoma fans that they were jobbed. That should be enough evidence to confirm the fact.

I love how all the Techies point out the lack of holding calls on OU but neglect to mention that Tech didn't get called for holding once the entire game, even though Ah You blatently got held on about half of Hodges' scrambles.

"How about mentioning that karma comes back to you in the end and this is just payback from two years ago up in Norman when a crooked timekeeper stole a game from Tech in hoops?"

That's completely assinine. How on earth does a basketball game two years ago justify making three awful calls on one drive in a FOOTBALL game?

Looks like a touchdown to me.....


YOU are the common denominator for instigating rumors and lies. I have always been taught that when something or someone is a possible threat to the norm, they will always spew garbage. You should only worry when they cease to belittle you. I am a TCU alumn, and I applaud Texas Tech football for their achievements. Most of the people reading this have found your blog on Sooner football forums. Good luck Texas Tech in the Cotton Bowl!

Hey Gil,

Tech 23 OU 21, forget about it clown. You need to be more concerned about whether Patterson is staying at TCU or going to a real university like KSU.

Posted by: Walter | November 20, 2005 at 09:47 AM

You have got to be kidding me.... The calls were close, however if you actually look at the reply, they could have gone either way. If they would have went the other way then TTU fans would be complaining. Even on www.sooner.com there are several photos that show the TD was legit. The first down was about forward progress and interruption of the rule.

"The first down was about forward progress and interruption of the rule."

Uh, it's not a reception until you touch the playing field. Walter you Dope!

The officials surely missed something in this game. Why don't we watch a replay of Adrian Peterson's fourth-quarter touchdown run and comment on how John Saldi got tackled in the backfield. While LeBreton seems to be confused about the actual rules of college football (see his discussion of Olamua's touchdown), surely he can agree that an offensive player tackling a defensive player is holding - a penalty in NCAA football. If the refs would've caught that, the whole discussion about Tech's game-winning drive would be moot. Of course none of the Sooner-loving media will bring that up, because then they might actually have to give Tech some credit.

And Henderson was in the endzone. He had his arms fully extended as he went down. As he's laying on the ground, the ball's over the goal line. What's the problem? Oh wait, I know: the media's beloved Sooners lost. Maybe we should let them go to the Cotton Bowl. We can relive the last time the Sooners were involved with a bowl controversy and got blown out by USC. Boomer sooners? More like boo-hoo sooners. Have fun in the Alamo Bowl!

Very bush-league editorial. I have reviewed both questional plays several times. Both calls, although not conclusive, were possibly correct. To question the integrity of the Big XII is shameless. (BTW, Tech's second TD is not controversial; learn the rules before you speak.)

Once again, Leach makes the FWST look like the bird cage liner it is. All calls in question were reviewed by officials, not bias "journalists". Please do us all a favor and just stop covering Tech athletics, your sad bias and lack of knowing the rules are pathetic. Next time do your homework before spouting off. How many susbscriptions are you personally responsible for losing due to your idiotic views toward Texas Tech?

It doesn't seem that many Tech fans are defening those terrible 4th quarter calls, but justifying them by talking about missed holding calls. Are you kidding me? Refs could call holding on any play of any game. The calls missed Saturday were not subjective and should have been fixed with replay.

The most dissapointing thing is OU fans expect UT fans to act without class after snapping a five game losing streak. We just didn't expect the same from the folks in West Texas.


I agree with the above posters. Your papers vendetta against Tech is ridiculous. This could have happened to any other team and you would not give a damn but there are a few calls in question and they go Techs way and you guys are all over it. Come on now.


This nonsense about you being anti-Tech is laughable. TCU really beat OU. Tech stole the game like a bunch of hoods.

Tech fans are among the two worst in the Big XII. I stopped going after the '01 game, and it is the only OU game, home or away, I will not attend this year. Never again.

When Tech comes to Norman next year, Bob being a 'buddy' to Leach or not, I hope the Sooners not only stomp those jerks into slobberknocky, but cripple that jerk #41 so bad he never walks again. The fact Leach kept putting him in the game after the second penalty makes him the coach joke of the century behind Jim Tressell and AJ Hawk.

Yes, I hate losing to the Horns and their jerk fans, but they do not hold a candle to the jackasses in Lubbock. But, they will get theirs in spades starting next year.

Moreover, it is time for OU and Nebraska to take their acts to the SEC and Big 10, respectively. OU should not even waste their conference time on some minor league, sand lot, 5th tier institution like Tech.

For one of the 70,000 season ticket holders in Norman, I have circled Texas Tech's next visit as one they and their crap ass fans will never forget. Mark it down. It is WAR.

The only people who could think the 4th down was "to close to call" are either TT fans, OU haters, or watching the game on a 9 inch screen tv from 50 feet away. Every sports show around the country saw and called it a bad call. Not to mention the next 3 bad calls. Instant replay in the B12 is a joke, get it right or throw it out the window...thanks for the write up.

Great article ,you told it the way it happened,nothing wrong with calling a spade a spade.Nice call by a ref that makes his home in luddUCK.

Good article. If your a tt fan you have to get a win anyway you can. Beating a 6-4 team that struggled in all their games this year is a "big deal" for tt. Congrats on having the first 9 win regular season since '76! WOW. tech "backdoored" into the Cotton Bowl like the last time they went there against more old school USC. tech fans are a little sensative, since the only championship they have won is womens bb. Noticed one offical in the game is from lubbock, actually lives there, proably an alum as well. USC Trojans, The Football Dynasty.

Thanks for your insite, most games have plays that can go either way. But an agenda from the Lubbock insurance agent/ref seemed evident

I wouldn't worry about it too much, because all Tech's disputed win yesterday earned them was a chance to get steamrolled by either Alabama or Auburn on January 2nd.

It's a shame when a journalist loses the objectivity that is supposed to be the hallmark of free press.
Once that is gone, he is no more than a propagandist, a shill for a cause.

geez people. i saw the overview shot and the shot from where the line judge was in slow motion and he was AT LEAST a foot short when his butt touched the ground before he stretched out to put the ball in the endzone. I can see botching the call if there were no replay, but after reviewing the film i don't see how they could. I'm not even an OU fan and I can tell you the officiating was sub-par in that game. You can say OU held but I saw Tech holding all day as well to keep a clearly more athletic oklahoma linebackers from penetrating the pocket. The difference in these games than most is the instant replays that ruled in the favor of Tech. The line judge on the last play lives and works in lubbock and is the vice-president of Citibank(Kelly Deterding). Same guy that gave them at least two feet on the infamous first-down jumpball. You guys should remove the lone-ranger masks for a moment and see this with some reality glasses. OU won that game.

In close games, one team's fans celebrate, the other team's fans whine about the refs. As for leaving the whining to the head coaches, Stoops isn't whining. He knows there were a million missed opportunities for both teams in that game.

Obviously this essay is just retaliation over Leach's treatment of goofy reporters from the FWST... as if printing trash like this is going to change his mind.

'86 Tech
'91 UT

Great article and all of the Tech fans are just upset because they know deep down that there team lost that game! I have watched the replay in slow motion over and over and there was NO ONE UNDER Henderson! He was down clearly at the one and then he sticks the ball over. The Ref's were not watchiing until the ball went over...and it took forever for anyone to make a call. They might as well to away with replay..it is a joke! Sooner fans...at least we don't have to go back to the Cotton Bowl!!!!!!

You should go to your mama and cry out loud about Tech's victory and how unfair it was. If this was the worst officiating game you have ever seen, I am afraid to say but that's why you may be writing such blogs here rather than being a reputed writer in some reputed newspaper. Seriously, how many college football games you have watched? One, Two or Three?

Thank you so much for this article. I'm so glad a non-OU fan feels the same way. The touchdown was actually the easiest of the calls to accept - if it had been only that call I could accept the outcome. The fourth-down spot was simply ridiculous, and with that silly call of "touchdown" on a pass that wasn't even caught out-of-bounds, who can blame us for thinking the refs had some agenda, or at the very least didn't have the guts to make the correct call on the field and decided to leave it up to the replay booth.

Don't even get me started on how Tech's second touchdown should've been called back because the receiver when out of the back of the end zone.

I agree, its insane. Worse officials ever.

Great write-up. The endzone shot of the last play shows the ball carrier down over one yard shy of the endzone. The Big12 office should look into this and issue a reprimand to the crew involved.

Pure garbage Gil. All of those plays were thoroughly reviewed and confirmed. I was at the game and watching with binoculars and they all were reasonable calls. Close certainly, but not egregiously wrong.

For you to second-guess officials who were ON THE FIELD OF PLAY is ridiculous. You can't use TV replays to judge these either because of the perspective issues that occur.

While the bile about Tech? Are you still bitter about TCU blowing a 21-0 lead last year to lose 70-35?

Hey Gil: Tech is pickin cotton, and you and the Startlegram can stick it...Boom this and Guns up!

I know this wont be posted since the 'author' (loosely termed) has to approve them.

You are right it was terrible officiating. At least a half of dozen times the TV cameras picked up OU holding the crap out of Tech.

Everybody knows OU plays dirty and one day you reap what you sew.

You have got to be kidding me.... The calls were close, however if you actually look at the reply, they could have gone either way. If they would have went the other way then TTU fans would be complaining. Even on www.sooner.com there are several photos that show the TD was legit. The first down was about forward progress and interruption of the rule.

The second to last TD..... in college you can leave the field of play if you are forced out and return to catch the ball as long has you reestablish your position.

I understand that this was a controversial ending, however saying this game was stolen and being one sided, is irresponsible journalism.

You're absolutely right, Gil-- Big 12 officials obviously wanted Texas Tech to win. After all, Texas Tech was the program on the field Saturday with all the Big 12 championships, multiple national championships, and perennial pre-season Top 10 rankings-- no way a Big 12 officiating crew is gonna let the Big 12's flagship program lose, right?

What? OU, not Texas Tech, is the program with the championships and flagship status in the Big 12? Oh, never mind, then.

But since FWST doesn't cover Tech football anymore, I guess that means that I was there, and you weren't. So, I guess I'll continue to believe what I saw, with my own eyes, in person: Tech 23, OU 21.

I know that this really upsets you and the rest of the crew in your department, since it means that you won't be able to do any stories about the Cotton Bowl this year, per your self-imposed Tech Football blackout.

The startlegram vendetta against Tech continues. It is really unbecoming to see a grown man cry Gil.

BTW - on the Olamua TD they ruled that he was pushed out of bounds thus he is allowed to come back in and make the catch. You really should learn the rules before throwing a hissy fit over a correct call.

Good lord, did you ever call it the way it went down. Great article and thanks for looking at it how it really played out.

Dear Gil:
You wrote the perfect article describing
the injustices in this game.
The Game outcome can't be changed, but
I hope these incompetent referees are held
Keep up the great writing.
Gerald Evans

RE: Your statement that Tech's second to last touchdown should not have been allowed.

In college football a player is allowed to come back into the field of play if he is pushed out. This was the case on that specific play as Olomua was clearly pushed out of the back of the end zone by the defender.

In addition, I look forward to you continuing your policy of not covering Tech during game week. Try to pull that off during Cotton Bowl week.

how is something "clearly appeared"?

you're a moron.

and i see that you neglect to point out all of the holding no calls by OU all game long.

tauren was in....no replay had the view that the "east" line judge had who made the call so quit whining.

this picture shows forward progress to the first down marker. FIRST DOWN!!! it looks like a pretty legit call to me. Please follow the link for confirmation. Of course, I doubt that you "man up" and admit you are wrong.


Thank You for writing this article. Although nothing will change the results or the possibility of it happening again, its good to have someone in the media that will tell the truth.

Please take a look at Bomar's last touchdown pass play and let me know if you see something that the officials missed.

I am not going to disagree with you that TTU may have got the benefit of the dought, but the fact of the matter is if this is any other team than TTU you do not write this article.

I am sorry that the team you were routing for did not win. Maybe next time.

Guess what?

WE WON !!!!!!!

True! This was the worst display of officiating in any game this respondent has seen in 50 years. The call for a phantom first down on 4th & 3 was the worst of all. If the review was actually done to properly mark the ball, the game is over as the ball goes over to OU on downs. This game should've ended right there at 21-17 with OU the victor. However, Henderson clearly gets tackled with his backside flatly on the 1 1/2 yard line. Had it been otherwise, every player in a Tech uniform would be flashing a TD sign at the moment of their "score." Check the video or still photos and watch the Tech players which is one of many telltale signs.

Anything short of overturning the actual outcome of this game reveals much about the Big 12, review rules, and bogus officiating in the league.

are you an aggie or a sooner? first off, i dont know if you realize how REPLAY works. it has to be INDESPUTIBLE evidence. did you look at the replays??? i'm tired of this, you constantly tear down tech.


You certainly sound like an "unbiased" journalist to me.........what a joke. Why don't you whine about the lack of a holding call on the last OU Touchdown where Key Dawson was bear-hugged from behind? You are just hacked because Leach doesn't want anything to do with your loser paper.

You need to go to kcbd.com and look at their video. It shows that Henderson did score. He was not down before he held the ball over the goal line.

when a player is pushed out of bounds by a defensive player, he is allowed to come back in bounds to make the catch. If he goes out on his own, he can not be the first to touch the ball. In Olumua's case, he was pushed out of bounds by the OU db in the back of the endzone. Learn the rules before you whine about them.

A lot of pent up anger there, huh Gil? Still mad that Leach and Tech made you and your paper look like sniveling girls by not giving you access to the full team?

How about mentioning that karma comes back to you in the end and this is just payback from two years ago up in Norman when a crooked timekeeper stole a game from Tech in hoops? I love it and I know that I will be in Dallas for the Cotton Bowl on Jan 2. Obviously you will not as I don't believe that Tech allows you around the team, huh?

wow, you sound like the rest of the sooner crybabies, Gil. Of course, no mention that the Fox yellow stripe 1st down marker on the tipped ball was half a yard past the actual first down marker...oh what? you didn't notice that in your haste to write this blog? Go back, watch the game and tell me that is not true. Forward progress was marked at the 23, that is where they came down with joint posession, which goes to the offense.

Also not mentioned is the fact that Henderson was laying on the back of one of his linemen and his knee NEVER hit the ground until the ball was across.

Way to be professional, Gil. way to be professional...

Great Article! It's a sad day when you have replay and still blow all of the calls. Great read!

The Star is So Twisted and So Anti Tech It almost a crime for me to even look at Your sight...

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